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TruStrength Tomorrow Testimonials

What I valued the most about this summer program was the ability it gave me to find a place in my mind in times of great physical struggle, to push aside any internal doubts and use that struggle as motivation to further challenge myself. I also had a huge change in mindset that failing is not necessarily a sign of weakness. This program taught me that failing is an inevitable component of personal growth, which I believe has and will make me a stronger person. ~ Katherine H. 

Looking back on what the summer program at what TruStrength Tomorrow did for me is crazy. Working with Jesse changed my whole mindset about the game and myself. To truly never give up and to never doubt myself and my strength. He always encouraged us to try even if we were to fail. And created an environment where we were all comfortable trying something new. ~ Elizabeth H.



This program was very important to me because not only did I get physically stronger, I got mentally stronger.  In practice I tell myself I can keep pushing and striving to be a better team player because I’m the only person holding myself back.  I also know that a lot of teammates struggle with this as well, and I think we grew closer as a team so we are able to really lean on each other and help out.  I’m super grateful for this sponsorship because it allowed me to grow tremendously. ~ Elizabeth D. 



Sgt. Bushika referred me to TruStrength Gym and Trainer Jesse Wall. I needed someone to show me the way, both with nutrition and exercise. They could not have referred me to a better person. Coach Wall introduced me to Coach Ryan Yates and Coach Jenny Gray. Coach Ryan put me through a strength and conditioning program and Coach Jen taught me about nutrition education as it related to the armed forces. I had no idea how my diet was impacting my life. I was eating so many empty calorie carbs that I was putting on weight. Coach Wall helped me so much. I didn’t have a dime to my name, but he set me up (with the TruStrength Tomorrow Foundation) which sponsored my journey. ~ Logan R.  


At first, TruStrength was just something I thought about as a workout that I was almost obligated to do, but I quickly realized it was a lot more than that. I have always been someone who’s biggest enemy is myself, and I am still fighting that, but the challenges that you are put up against at TruStrength allowed me to begin the battle. The mental toughness that I have grown is probably the biggest take away. Many of the sessions we had ended with me crying. Some days it was from pushing myself to the brink physically, but mostly was from the powerful messages Jesse put across. The one thing that sticks with me the most is after a hard team challenge he told us that the feeling we were experiencing was what life was all about. The accomplishment of fighting all odds against myself and being there with my team working to be the best version of myself. ~ Lucy L. 


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